Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Silverlight and Offline Storage

I've posted about Silverlight Offline before (see this article)

I had a chance to ask Scott Guthrie today at Mix UK 07 about offline storage.

There are a couple of points which very interesting, the reason MS say they don't support offline storage is due to the definition of what being offline means. The sticky points are "what should happen to the data when the browser is closed?", Silverlight will not autosave data by default. You will lose your data if the browser cache is cleared. This behaviour is ok to us as developers, but not necessarily to all consumers.

So we can use features such as isolated storage in Silverlight, we just need to be clear to our users what it means?

Good news MS plan to up the Isolated Storage limit from 1Mb to a higher number (and allow users to increase that limit).

Other good news Microsoft plan to allow cross url access to the isolated storage, i.e. at the moment www.roskakori.net/fred.xaml and www.roskakori.net/bob.xaml would use seperate storage areas

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