Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Silverlight Offline Mode

I just recently read in the Silverlight Architecture Overview that "Silverlight is designed for Web page content that is connected to its host (it will not work offline), that deeply engages the user, and that can render on any browser."

Hmmn, doesn't work offline. I think that is not the greatest idea in the world as the power we can have with Silverlight and Isolated Storage together to produce funky little applications. Surely this is not right!

So I have done a little test by switching Internet Explorer to Work Offline, and see if my apps run.

Surprise, Surprise they do run, however they don't seem to be able access video etc.

So for example in my Rotating Video Picture Board if you connect to it offline mode, the application will work (and rotate), however the video doesn't run.

I must experiment a little more, for example if I access media and put it in Isolated Storage and then download it, will it work?

Also I am going to assume that embedded resources will work (but I need to check this)?

However I think a better option is to plea to Microsoft that being able to run offline (including cached video), is a good option and will bring a lot of power to Silverlight Applications.

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