Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Last Night's Nugget in Birmingham


So i've just done my first ever nugget / speaking gig. My subject was Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) for Web Developers targeting .NET Framework 2.0.

Thanks to Dave McMahon of NxtGenUG for letting me doing my first ever nugget up there. The guys at our sister region in Birmingham are brilliant, and I will certainly try and get up to their user group as much as possible (it is a trek though).

I was hugely over ambitious with topic, and subsequently ran out of time. Guy Smith-Ferrier was curious before the event on how i was going to cover such a topic in such a short time frame. I think the answer was naiveity, over optimism, and lack of experience. As we later discovered, really I could cover this as a main session rather than as a nugget. Thanks to Dave for humouring me, and let me stretch the time boundaries as long as possible.

Despite my timing problems, and the fact that i barged through the presentation trying to get as many features in as possible, i think it went pretty well. However feedback will reveal all.

A special thanks must go to Guy for being so supportive, and being a brilliant speaker. So I have taken some of advice on board, and I am now bashing on with trying to get more involved in the speaking community. I have taken some great tips from him, and i learned loads from last night, so onwards and upwards to my next speaking gig.

On that point I am offering 2 sessions on Silverlight for DDD6, so hopefully the community will vote for one of them, and I will get a chance to present at such a large event.

Anyways enough of the waffle:

Here are the slides and sample code for last night.

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