Thursday, 20 September 2007

Cambridge Launch has been and gone

So we finally launched our first meeting of the new Cambridge region of NxtGenUG (.NET User Group).

It was a great night, both Mike Ormond (who was speaking on Silverlight), and Don Syme (speaking on F#) were superb.

We were a little worried about attendance (10 minutes before start there were 5 people, including ourselves), but we delayed the start until 6.45 and in the end we had 28 folk there.

I think it went very well, i know i enjoyed it (but I am biased), so we are now awaiting feedback to see how other folks enjoyed it.

This is pretty much the reason I have been blogging quiet for the past few days. And now i prepare for my nugget in Birmingham (so will be quiet for another few days).

Normal blogging will resume next week.

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