Monday, 3 September 2007

Not written any Silverlight in a few days

I think i might be getting withdrawal symptoms.

The company i am working for have just let me know they plan to send me and a few others to TechEd in November. Therefore i have decided to enter Speaker Idol. I think 3 minutes might be harder than 20 minutes.

I have my first speaking nugget in Birmingham at the end of this month, and we launch the Cambridge region of NxtGenUG .NET User Group this month.

I am at Mix (as a delegate), next week, and then I head off to Vienna for a few days holiday.

And I am in Reading tomorrow meeting some folks at Microsoft (and attending the MSDN Evening event).

Life is busy, not had time to write Silverlight, but I think i will now go and spend some quality time with my Daredevil comics.

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