Monday, 24 September 2007

My Picture is on the Mix Backnetwork

I did my first ever .NET presentation a couple of weeks ago at Mix.

I hijacked the Micropresentations to do a short demo on the Silverlight Agenda application i created, and the Sky EPG reconstruction (I still need to post the source and samples for this).

I was just on the backnetwork and I recognised a piccy of myself doing the micropresentation (my mother would be very proud).

Anyways, that was my first ever speaking thing on .NET, and tonight is my first ever nugget / technical thingy (see previous post).

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Fuzzyman said...

Hey, I didn't manage to find you at Mix - but I wanted to say thank you.

I did a talk on IronPython and Silverlight at Mix, and a lot of your blog entries were inspiration for me.

So thanks. :-)

You can see my IronPython & Sivlerlight material at:

My 'Web IDE' is a great way to experiment with the Silverlight APIs by the way. :-)