Monday, 24 September 2007

NxtGenUG Birmingam Nugget tonight

I think I will be coming to the end of my blogging blackout, I have imposed over the past week.

Last week was a little crazy with a loads of stuff going on, hopefully things should calm down a little this week.

I am doing a nugget tonight in Birmingham at NxtGenUg, on Orcas Beta for Web Developers targeting 2.0..

I am pretty stoked about doing this as its my first speaking gig. Hey its only 15 minutes, but you have to start somewhere.

Although, I have had my talk prepared for a while now, I spent some of this weekend modifying it so I can keep it within the 15 minutes. I think the modifications i made should make the whole thing a little slicker. The good news is Maximum Code, Maximum Demos, Minimum Slides.

Anyways, I will post about it tomorrow, and include links to the slides and sample code.

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