Wednesday, 19 November 2008

First presentation of "Welcome to the Cloud" tomorrow

If you are going to DDD7 and you plan to attend my talk entitled "Welcome to the Cloud", which is a talk on Windows Azure, you will be pleased to hear that you won't be the Guinea pigs for this talk.

Very luckily I get to do a run through tomorrow for a local Cambridge company called Sagentia.

This should allow me iron out any glitches hopefully in time for Saturday :)

This has been a pretty tough presentation to put together, learning a new technology + presenting on it in 2.5 weeks (evenings + weekends to prepare only).  I wish i was one of those lucky folks who got to see it before PDC but I didn't, so I really have had 2.5 weeks to prepare this (i.e. when i got back from LA).

It's nice to be finally be presenting it for the first time :)

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