Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Azure: Received my Invitation Token

Yay, thank you Microsoft,

My invitation toke arrived for Windows Azure.

Tomorrow night, I will have trying out deployments :)


Anonymous said...

Did you do anything special?

Mike Hole said...

Ok for some :( .... ;)

chrishayuk said...

I feel guilty now

No, I didn't do anything special (apart from attending the PDC)

Anonymous said...

I am confused by the invitation tokens. Do you need one specifically for "Windows Azure"? I have one for the "Azure Services Platform" and when I login I see that I have 25 projects remaining.

How do you get a Windows Azure invite?

chrishayuk said...

For accessing windows azure you should get an email from "azure services platform" titled "invitation code to windows azure" when you redeem that token you will be able to create

Storage Account Project
Hosted Service Project