Tuesday, 25 November 2008

DDD7: Welcome to the cloud (Windows Azure)

Big thanks to everyone who turned up to my session at DDD7.  I really enjoyed doing the session, and hope you all found it useful.

The slides and demos are now available to download on my skydrive.

The session was also recorded, I will let you know the link when it is made available.

For those wondering in the end I did do a demo of a Silverlight application running in storage services (i.e no webrole / website).  I think I will record that as a screencast soon.


Alan Dean said...


I sat in on your session. Well done - a good intro to Azure.

I didn't bother you at the end because you had a gaggle of people around you. I am looking forward to coming up to Cambridge to do my REST talk there. I suspect that it will go down very well if the same sort of crowd attends that came to "Object Thinking".

chrishayuk said...

Thanks Alan, appreciated!

Likewise I was in your REST session, which I really enjoyed and gave me a lot of food for thought.

I think the REST talk will go down very well in Cambridge, and look forward to you coming back across

Slodge said...

Thanks to both of you for your DDD sessions - I made the Azure one, but not the REST (next time...)

I'm playing with Azure currently - but still waiting for an online invite before I can play for real...

chrishayuk said...

Thanks for the kind comments!