Thursday, 13 November 2008

Azure: Fabric + Fabric Controller

So I've been preparing for my session at DDD7 next week and since I couldn't find any suitable readymade diagrams of the Fabric and the Fabric Controller, I had to create my own.

I thought I would share it with the community at large (feel free to steal it, I happily give up any rights that I would be too ashamed to assert).


  • Purple Blob - Fabric Controller
  • Blue Blob - Server
  • Orange Blob - Virtual Machine
  • Yellow Blob - Role
  • Green Blob - Agent


Sriram said...

I love this diagram! :-)

Sriram Krishnan
Windows Azure

chrishayuk said...


I feel my paint skills are really improving :)

jeason zhao said...

Cool paint, I love it!!!
Did you use Windows Paint to draw that?

chrishayuk said...


Yeah, I used Windows Paint :)

It's one of my favourite tools.