Thursday, 20 November 2008

Azure Presentation

So I’ve just done my first version of the “Introduction to Windows Azure” presentation (the same one I am doing at DDD, called “Welcome to the Cloud”). This was an internal presentation to a local company in Cambridge.

The feedback was superb (one chap said, it was a better presentation than I had seen at TechEd, which was very nice).

From my point of view, there is a couple of things that I want to change for Saturday (DDD7) however nothing particularly major.

One thing that disappoints me about Saturdays is that there is no Silverlight whatsoever in the day, I am now considering changing one of my demos last minute to have a some Silverlight :) , I'm not sure I can cope with a full day without Silverlight

Anyways, I look forward to seeing folks on Saturday (Silverlight or no Silverlight)


Bryan Avery said...

saw your presentation at DDD7 yesterday, it was great well done.

Perfect timing too :-)

Wondered if you have the presentation and supporting projects online and available for download?

chrishayuk said...

Thanks Bryan, appreciate it.

I will have the code and slides up on my blog at some point today or tomorrow.