Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Manic Miner on Silverlight Spectrum Emulator

UPDATE Latest version is here:

So I've done a little more work on the Silverlight Spectrum Emulator (see my previous article)

I've fixed the transparency issues I've been having and I have setup some Keyboard mappings, and I've changed some of the timings.

This means we can now play a game :) So i've setup the emulator to play manic miner for just now. Don't worry it will go up on codeplex soon but for now have fun playing.

O is left, P is right, Space is Jump


Justin-Josef Angel said...

What the hell is this? I get killed by shrubberies! shrubberies!

Awesome work though. Way to go!

Simon Pooley said...

It seems to be stuck looping the words "manic" and "miner". Is there something wrong with the app at the moment or is it an issue at my end?

chrishayuk said...

Heya Simon,

I'm well aware of this one, it's very strange.

Sometimes it performs great, sometimes badly, outside processes seem to have a big effect.

I'm hoping to update this to RC0, see if the perf changes make a difference, make use of some of the new perf stuff and hope it resolves some of the issues.

Once that is done, I will bung it up on CodePlex