Tuesday, 30 September 2008

ReMix08 UK

So I was at Remix in Brighton and had a superb time.  Although I was speaking at this event, this post is more about the other sessions that I attended on the day, and the event itself.

It was an absolutely brilliant couple of days at a superb venue.  Since I’ve seen lots of variations of the main presentations, I thought I would vary my sessions around a bit and go to some sessions that i might not normally go to (i.e. not the main auditorium sessions).  To be honest, I’m glad I did as I had a superb time.

The highlights for me were:

  • Dave McMahon, Richard Costall and John Price working the community stage, superb gameshows, superb fun.
  • Richie Allen winning the Speaker Idol competition, with his superb 5 minute presentation (coming to Cambridge next month)
  • Sarah Ford’s incredible 20/20 presentation (all the micropresentations were superb also especially Rich and Dave once more)
  • Guy Smith-Ferrier on Internationalization.  Another great presentation from Guy.
  • Speaker Panel with Scott Guthrie (loads of great clues) on what’s coming up
  • The ugliest website in the world (I’m starting to think those guys have the best jobs in the world).

Finally the real highlight for me was listening to Bill Buxton’s keynote.  What an absolutely inspiring presenter and what a great keynote.

All in all, what a great event, roll on next year.

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