Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Silverlight 2, Chrome and Window Resizing

Defy all Challenges

This is a very cool site which really shows the power of Silverlight 2.

I recommend you have a play with it in IE7

Google Chrome

Unfortunately this site doesn’t work so well with Google Chrome (infact most Silverlight applications don’t work to well).  The issue seems to be with the rendering of the application.

If you consistently resize your browser, you will find it suddenly works.

It reminds me of those days playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on the spectrum, wiggling my Joystick.  Now I need to wiggle my mouse to use Silverlight on Google Chrome.


kingpin said...

So, is this a shortcoming of Chrome or of Silverlight? Will these two ever get along?

chrishayuk said...

I think this is very definitely a short coming of Chrome

snt said...

If the site works on all other browsers except Google Chrome, then its the short coming of Chrome, else !!!

Anonymous said...

no it is a shortcoming of microsoft, because they have not allowed created a version of silverlight that can be installed on chrome, opera or safari. it is currently only available on ie and firefox