Sunday, 31 August 2008

Silverlight Spectrum Emulator

UPDATE: Latest version is here:

So I've just finished version 1.0 of my Silverlight spectrum emulator.

At the moment there is no keyboard interaction, or ability to load games (it is currently only running KLAX), but it proves Silverlight can emulate a spectrum

I will figure out this side of things so that a fully fledged emulator will work in time.

I will put up the code at some point to CodePlex. I used the ZX360 project on codeplex as my base code. Thanks to them for posting their code, and thanks to Joe Stegman for his blog article on Dynamic Image Generation (which allowed me to figure the final bits).

I also have a WPF version which I will post at some point. Emulator can be viewed at

More versions and details to follow but enjoy for just now.


Fuzzyman said...

Very cool! Looks like the link to the live version is down?

chrishayuk said...

Updated the link (pasted the wrong thing), however it its the same link as the inline one

chrishayuk said...

thanks for letting me know Michael, appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Then you finished, would be possible to create a online collection of good spectrum's games and game right in a browser! //Dionio

Koen said...

This is so cool! Excellent work

slyi said...

How about the classic 3D game Elite ?

chrishayuk said...

Once I do some tidy up, I will stick it up on Codeplex and then you can load any spectrum games that are .sna files.

I plan to stick in the Open File Dialog, so you can load your own games also.