Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Replacing AJAX with Silverlight

I will follow up on this after ReMix08.

If you make a client side call to a Web Service via Javascript on an ASP.NET page, it is significantly faster than using an AJAX Update Panel.

However if you were to make that very same call via Silverlight using the Html Bridge, the Silverlight call is faster :)

I will post some samples up after ReMix08 to back up my claim.


Simon Pooley said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks again for the front-end optimisation talk at Remix, it was very helpful and informative. I'm quite keen to implement some of your suggestions =]

Would it be possible to upload the content from the mix talk to your Skydrive in the same way you have done for another talk previously?


David said...


I was at the Remix08 talk you did and I have a question as a result of discussing some of your tips with my collegues.

I really liked the tip about compressing the view state into another hidden field.

I'm not 100% about this but i think that Ajax controls use the view state and as a result compressing it into a different field would break some of the ajax controls.

Have you had any experience of controls breaking as a result of compressing the view state? Also if you have i'm hoping you've got a nice java script gzip example that would uncompress it?

I hope that makes sense.


Dave C.

Alex Mackey said...

Hi Chris,
Enjoyed your front end performance session at Remix08. Is there any chance you can post the slides up?



Guillaume said...

Hi Chris

I attended your ASP.NET Front End Performance talk at Remix, and was wondering if you will be posting any of your code samples from it (eg the compress viewstate methods etc)?

Kind regards


chrishayuk said...

Heya Guys,

Thanks everyone for all the great comments, and thanks very much for coming along to the session, and that it was useful to you.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back, but I've been away on holiday for the last week.

Regarding slides + code, I have handed this over to the folks at Remix who will publish them at some point (i believe the recorded session will be published also at some point).

I will certainly put up the code slides + samples. I don't think I am allowed to put up the branded version of the slides, so I will need to put up unbranded version, so it will take me a little time to do that, I think I also want to update the Silverlight samples to work with RC0 (but I will also put up the Beta 2 version).

Thanks again


chrishayuk said...

I will try and put up the unbranded version of slides, within the next week or so, on my blog