Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Remix – Speaker Idol

At Remix08 in Brighton, I was in complete awe of the contestants of the Speaker Idol competition.

The rules were simple, 5 minute presentation on any subject and you had to have never presented at a major conference.

It was great to see the new batch of UK speaking talent coming through, and they did a marvelous job with the toughest circumstances.  Having to present in the community area, to a large hall where some folks were paying attention, some were chatting to their buddies, some having lunch, some looking at exhibitor stands.  I offer my hat to all those that took part, what a great job everyone did.

There were presentations on WatiN, MVC, Color wheels, SL Isolated Storage.

In the end Richie Allen won with his superb Watin Presentation (which is coming to Cambridge next month).  However everyone was great.

I encourage all those who took part to continue speaking and get in touch with their local user group and keep it up.

Take on board the comments of the formidable judging panel (Guy Smith-Ferrier, Mike Taulty, Mike Ormond, Phil Winstanley, Dave Sussman, Andy Westgarth, Robert Hogg and Ray Booysen), and keep going.

Well done guys and it’s nice to see the future is looking bright for the UK :)

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