Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Jesse Liberty in Bristol

Guy Smith-Ferrier (who runs DotNetDevNet) has pulled off an amazing coup and has captured Jesse Liberty and is holding him hostage in Bristol until he presents some Silverlight sessions.

This will be a superb event and totally recommend you get across there if you can.

This is the blurb about the event below:

Jesse Liberty (author of over 20 books, Senior Program Manager on Microsoft’s Silverlight Development Team and self-confessed Silverlight Geek) will be presenting “An Evening Of Silverlight” at 6:30pm on Tuesday 16th September 2008 (details at http://www.dotnetdevnet.com/Meetings/tabid/54/EntryID/23/Default.aspx).

Entry is free to members and membership is free. Here’s an outline of the two subjects he will be covering:-

Styles, Templates and Visual State Manager

1.       Introductions, Make fun of the American
2.       Modifying a toolbox control with in-line attributes
3.       Creating Styles and applying them to controls in Xaml
4.       Creating Styles and applying them to controls in Blend
5.       Reskinning toolbox controls with Templates, by hand
6.       Reskinning toolbox controls with Templates, in Blend

Skinnable Custom Controls- The Parts and State Model and Inside the VSM

1.       An introduction to the Parts and State Manager and VSM in detail
2.       Creating a Custom Control
3.       Visual States and Visual State Groups
4.       Storyboards and Transitions
5.       Inside the VSM
6.       Creating a Custom Control Contract
7.       The Template Part Attribute
8.       The Template Visual State Attribute
9.       Putting it all together.
10.     Good night and where’s the beer?

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