Saturday, 27 December 2008

Windows Azure Blob Browser

So I've just released version 0.1 of my Windows Azure Blob Browser / Viewer.

This is a little WPF application that allows you to browse / download blobs residing in Windows Azure Blob storage services.  This works against the current CTP release.

You can download the application from here

This gives the following functionality

  • List Containers
  • Add / Delete Containers
  • View Container Properties
  • List Blobs in Container
  • Add / Delete Blob in container
  • View Blob Properties
  • Download Blob

There is still a bunch of stuff that I want to include in future versions

  • Set content type
  • View / Set Metadata for container / blob

All you need to get started is your Azure Storage account name + Shared Key (this should also work against your dev account)


schaveyt said...

Do I need Vista to run this? Could you provide screenshots? I am very curious to see some of this Azure stuff in action, especially the data services part.

chrishayuk said...

Nope, you can run it on XP.

Infact I developed this on my EeePC (which is XP) in Visual C# Express, late at night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, this was the example I was thinking of:

I dont think it does everything your browser does but is worth a look?

chrishayuk said...

Heya Alex,

Thanks for the link, it looks pretty cool, especially for the SDS stuff.

I couldn't get it to work on my eepc :(

I'll try it out on my main laptop later.

Thanks again

Don Baechtel said...

Where do I get the Storage Account and Shared Key info that I need for this application.

Azure SD Services gave me a Enpoints, a Primary Access Key and a Secondary Access Key. How do these relate to each other?