Saturday, 13 December 2008

Silverlight: PDC Podcast (Part 2)

So when we were across at the PDC myself and John McLoughlin did a bunch of podcast interviews.  We replaced regular hosts Rich & Dave for one week only, we had such a blast and thanks to the guys for letting us guest host.  Also massive thanks to everyone we interviewed.

We've just released the second part of our PDC podcast.  In this interview we talk about Day 3 of the PDC, and we have interviews with:

  • Shawn Burke (Silverlight & WPF Controls Team)
  • Tim Sneath (PDC Keynote Technical Content owner)  &
  • Mike Swanson (PDC Technical Content Owner)

If you missed the first part of the podcast, we interviewed:

  • Daniel Moth
  • Dan Fernandez & Brian Keller
  • Martin Gudgin
  • Chris Anderson
  • Don Box

There is one more PDC podcast to go featuring (will let you know when it is up).

In the meantime go check out other NxtGenUG Podcasts, which include the fabulous series of podcasts at TechEd Europe 2008

1 comment:

Andy (Silverlight Slave) said...

Thanks for the PodCasts guys :-)


To be able to write killer Silverlight applications that run on the refined and sexy i-Phone!!!

Imagine DeepZoom on an i-Phone? -Two finger squeeze to zoom? Fab.

Maybe Silverlight for Mobile in 2009... Not holding my breath.

Season's Greetings one-and-all :-)