Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Technical Highlights of 2008

So it's coming to the end of the year, and I'm taking the time to reflect, and plan out the year ahead (as much as it can be).

For me technically, it has been a great year.  My highlights have been

  • Presenting at Remix08 UK
  • Presenting at DDD7
  • PDC 2008 (attending, hanging out with friends, interviewing so many cool people)
  • Watching NxtGenUG Cambridge grow to an unbelievable level
  • Advancing my knowledge of SQL Server (I'm not an out and out SQL Developer) to a level that I was happy to present at SQLBits
  • Silverlight Spectrum Emulator on PDC 2008 Show Off
  • Silverlight Assault Course
  • Various gallery entries on (throughout course of year)
  • Meeting so many great people

My new technology highlights have been:

  • Silverlight 2
  • Windows Azure
  • Microsoft Small Basic (I love it)

I really have loved this year in the community, I really hope next year goes half as well.

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