Sunday, 14 December 2008

My favourite sessions of 2008

So in the past year, I have been at various conferences (Remix08, DDD7, SQLBits 2&3, NxtGenUG Fest08), been to various user groups (not as much as I would have liked), and watched many sessions online (Mix08, Channel9).

I thought I'd take the time out to call out the sessions I have enjoyed the most (all for very different reasons) in 2008.

  • The back of the napkin, Dan Roam, Mix08
  • ADO.Net Entity Framework, Mike Taulty, NxtGenUG Cambridge
  • Micropresentations, (especially the Sara Ford one), Remix08 UK
  • Silverlight as a Gaming Platform, Joel Neubeck, Mix08
  • Windows Azure, Cloud Service Development Best Practices, Sriram Krishnan, PDC08
  • Remix08 UK Keynote, Bill Buxton, Remix08 UK
  • Lap around Windows Azure, Steve Marx, PDC08
  • The Expert Panel Thing, Scott Guthrie & Co, Remix08 UK
  • F#, Oliver Sturm, NxtGenUG Fest08
  • Whose session is it anyways, Loads of folk, NxtGenUG Fest08

This list is a made up for very different reaons, a great inspiring presenter, a great session in a particular area of interest, or a session that was just a lot of fun.  I've only included sessions that I have watched in whole (I don't see to many sessions in full at Cambridge)

If you weren't on this list, this is no reflection on you or your session (please note that my all time favourite speaker, Chris Anderson is not on this list).

There is still loads of sessions from Mix08, Remix08 UK, DDD7, SQLBits 3, Channel 9 that I haven't yet watched, may'be this would have changed the list, may'be not.

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