Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Silverlight: + Sky Television

So Sky Television have just launched their own Web Based TV Service developed with Silverlight 2 + PlayReady.

The following channels are available:

  • Sky Sports 1
  • Sky Sports 2
  • MTV
  • Eurosport
  • National Geographic
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr
  • Disney Channel

No existing Sky Connection / Dish necessary.

Supports up to 1.8Mb, which interestingly enough (if you watch the PDC Olympics and Silverlight session) is the optimal limit they found during Olympics + Democratic National Convention

I'm pretty excited about this as it should increase the Silverlight install base in the UK and it really shows that Silverlight (especially in the UK) is making its name in media.  BBC, Sky + ITV (UK's biggest networks) all have (or about to have) Silverlight based Internet TV Offerings.  Very cool.

I know this has been out for a few weeks now (i'm not the quickest off the mark, but it's still v.cool)

Check out more about Sky's offering below:




Anonymous said...

looks indeed quite nice! btw have you seen http://videothek.vodafone.de ?
I admit it's my baby :-)

PS: it's a german videostore (SL1 with WMP for DRM reasons, as development took quite a bit)

Jim Lynn said...

The BBC doesn't currently have any Silverlight Internet TV output. It's all either flash streaming or WMV downloads. Unless there's something coming along which I don't know about (and as one of the few Silverlight developers working inside the BBC, I'd have hoped they would have told me...)

chrishayuk said...


My comment was based on the Silverlight 2 offline demo / prototype that they showed at the PDC.

I did think that statement might get challenged when I wrote this.

chrishayuk said...


I like your video player, :)

Very visually appealing.

Great stuff