Saturday, 13 December 2008

Classic ASP.NET

On Tuesday night at NxtGenUG Cambridge, Mel Harbour was doing a nugget on ASP.NET MVC, in which he used the term "Classic ASP.NET".

As someone who quite likes "Classic ASP.NET", and is not a big fan of ASP.NET MVC, I am not convinced by this new terminology.

May I suggest "Traditional ASP.NET", or "Standard ASP.NET" as more acceptable terms :)


Terra Firma said...

It appears .NET is regressing to a server-centric model in a client-centric world.

Anonymous said...

They are just giving you a better way to handle events with MVC. It could not be more client centric. You have more code to write but you have much more contol over the client. You do not have to fight the framework to make complex forms work properly.