Sunday, 5 October 2008

Silverlight RC0: IsTabStop="false" makes TextBox uneditable

I think this is a bug if not, i think it should be.

If I set IsTabStop="false" on the TextBox then I can longer edit the control.

I think this is wrong as it's conceivable that I don't want to tab onto it, but I still want to use the control.


Mark Rideout said...

Yes this is a place where Silverlight has a simpler focus system than WPF. Setting IsTabStop to false means that the control cannot receive focus at all. This means that focus never goes to the TextBox control to be editable.

The easiest way to describe things is that: Focusable = IsTabStop

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chrishayuk said...

thanks mark,

appreciate the input, i guess it's one of those things that will evolve over time, and in order to ship, less important things get cut.