Saturday, 4 October 2008

More Silverlight RC0 Woes

If I have a button, set IsHitTestVisible="false", and then select the button and hit the space bar, Silverlight RC0mcrashes most heinously.

<Button x:Name="btnHack" Content="I am a hack" Margin="10" Width="100" IsHitTestVisible="False"/>



Bill Reiss said...

I was able to easily reproduce this and I've escalated it.


chrishayuk said...

Thanks Bill

Vivek Dalvi said...

could you explain what the scenario is for making button non-hit testable?

chrishayuk said...

Sure, I have eventually worked around this one.

The button was intercepting the spacebar keyup/keydown keyboard events and I was looking at ways to stop it stealing the events from my image control which my emulator uses.

So to be honest I was messing around with different ideas, which is how i found this issue.

In the end I got past my issue by disabling IsTabStop but obviously the bug still remains