Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mesh / Cloud Enabled Isolated Storage

So I was thinking about Mesh and the Cloud for Silverlight, and started thinking wouldn’t it be cool if we could have Mesh / Cloud enabled Isolated Storage (this is my own little personal thought / dream)

I thought the example I would give would be the Silverlight Spectrum Emulator.

I realize we could sort of achieve this scenario already today using WCF Services but I think Mesh / Cloud is a better example with a better user and developer experience.

The Scenario

So I decide I want to play a spectrum game (lets say Dizzy), so I download the game and open it up in the emulator. I play for a while and have great fun, my wife shouts at me and says we have to go shopping. She is taking a while trying on various clothes, so I am standing around a womens clothes shop feeling very uncomfortable and very bored. So I whip out my mobile phone, and navigate to the silverlight spectrum emulator site, I want to play Dizzy again.

Now because I have already played Dizzy before on my PC, my Isolated Storage is Synchronized from my PC to my phone, so I now have the very same Isolated Storage on my phone for this site as I do on my PC.

This means that I already have Dizzy on my phone (even though I have done no logins to the site, and hopefully the developer hasn’t written any code, he has just set a property saying that Isolated Storage is Mesh / Cloud Enabled.

The even cooler thing is that if I saved my game state on my previous PC, I could continue playing my game on my emulator from where i left off.

This example is not just relevant to the Silverlight Spectrum Emulator but to any casual game (e.g. Silverlight Manic Miner on NxtGenUG).

That was just my thoughts on it.

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