Sunday, 26 October 2008

PDC Craziness begins

So this is my ultimate week.

Tonight, I celebrate my fathers 60th birthday with our now annual pilgrimage to Wembley stadium to watch the NFL.  Chargers vs Saints.  We went last year when we watched the Giants (my team) play the Dolphins.

After the game, I get up at 5.00am head across to Heathrow to fly out to LA.  I arrive in LA at 2.30pm (LA time), and then will head across to the conference center.

So i miss the keynote, and a couple of sessions but this way I get to spend time with my dad, watch the NF and go to the PDC.

After the PDC we head across to Disneyland for a few days.

I wonder how I will cope with reality after this week.

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