Saturday, 4 October 2008

Silverlight RC0 ComboBox aaaargh

I've been updating my Silverlight Spectrum Emulator to work with RC0 (which so far has been brilliant).

Unfortunately, as I soon as I drop the combobox onto the page, it routes the keydown, keyup for the Return Key.  All other keys are fine and route ok.

I'm sure there is a simple way around this but in my current state of sickliness, i can't figure it.

Even when I switch off hittestenabled or even disable the control, the mere presence of the comboxbox is enough to make me lose my return key.

UPDATE: So i've figured out what is causing the problem and it's to do with Tab Stops. IsTabSpot="False" makes this control behave again, however I do think that if i disable the control, then it should not continue to steal the keyboard events.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ComboBox needs some additional work.

When you click on it to select an item, it gets small instead of keeping it's size, which is odd behavior.