Friday, 30 November 2007

Next Public Release of Silverlight is March

From reading Tim Sneath's blog. It seems that we won't be getting a new public release of Silverlight until March (Mix08).

On one hand this is great news, as we know what we can expect in March, we can get excited about Mix (convince my wife that i want to go), we will also get a non commerical go live license and it is a beta (so it will be pretty good).

The bad news, is that it seems that we won't be getting any more refreshes between now and then.

I am a little disappointed, as it was indicated at MixUK, that we would get a refresh by the end of this year, that gives us some of those features. I dounderstand that it is quite a big featureset change, and this stuff takes time. I guess I am just excited, and I want my presents now :)

Ah well. roll on March.

Mr Guthrie, is there any chance that we might get an earlier refresh???? Please, pretty please?

Finally for those cynics about Silverlight (the we have no controls brigade), this release is going to rock and you will be eating your own words.

Well done Microsoft, the transparency of release schedules is brilliant, and it really allows us to developers to plan for the future. Please keep it up.


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