Monday, 26 November 2007

DDD - Intro to Silverlight

This a list of my points (and some of Guy Smith-Ferriers, John's and Richies points), of what went wrong at this session. I will add to this list when I get feedback.

  • I was very tired meaning that I was not enthusiastic as I could be.
  • Due to the events on the Friday, I had lost my confidence.
  • Vista on my laptop would not work with the projector, which rattled me, and I had to switch to XP.
  • Starting 5 minutes late, rattled me (due to projector issues).
  • My Laptop wasn't setup to do the demos in XP.
  • Vista is much faster than XP, meaning that my samples were being slow, and this rattled me.
  • I usually psyche myself for a presentation beforehand, which i never got a chance to do
  • I mistakenly agreed for the lights to be switched off, which disconnected my from the audience.
  • I frequently switched between the demo, and the code, not giving folks a chance to absorb the code, and the impact of the demo
  • It wasn't clear which bit of code I was referring to
  • Still a little rushed, may'be packing too much in
  • I turned my back to the audience a couple of times
  • I got a little lost in my first demo (due to being rattled), and it took me time to get back on track
  • I was very nervous
  • It was my first ever one hour session, and there is a difference between this and 20 minute sessions
  • I never really let my style, and enthusiasm come across, due to the above events

The positives

  • I kept to time pretty well, and got across what i wanted to samplewise
  • I had a backup copy of XP
  • I felt my knowledge of Silverlight really came across
  • I think people will come away from this session, and be able to get started with Silverlight

All in all, I was very disappointed with myself, and I know that I can present so much better than I did. However I do have a good list of points that I can really work on to improve my presentations.

The bad news this was my better session, as the following session was a real disaster. I will follow up on what went wrong with this session later.

I still have to post up the samples, which will be later on

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Guy Smith-Ferrier said...

Wow, when you beat yourself up you really don't take any prisoners.