Thursday, 29 November 2007

IE Watch

This is a great little tool, it's a little like fiddler, but much better.

IE Watch is a toolbar option within IE, which allows you to view all requests, replay requests, and works properly with HTTPS. Fiddler doesn't seem to do so well with https in my humble opinion.

I used this on a 30 day eval (retails about $170), and it saved me alot of time.

My only complaint it is a little expensive, and I am willing to bet there are free alternatives, which are just as good.

I think these days, when dealing with AJAX requests, http packet sniffers are necessary. So I think I will investigate a free alternative.


timheuer said...

check out a free one: that i use daily

chrishayuk said...


Thanks Tim!

Even better than the one I was using. :)