Thursday, 1 November 2007

Automatic Properties in Birmingham

I was in Birmingham last night doing a nugget on Automatic Properties. I tried to demystify what is going on with Automatic Properties and looking at it from an IL perspective. We compared it to fields, and regular properties, and what is approriate in what situation.

I think it went pretty well (only feedback will tell), people didn't seem to be too scared by the IL. I was especially pleased that i seemed to do a lot better with timings, and I came in undertime (which is good), and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling for DDD.

My Silverlight laughing cavalier XAML thingy went down pretty well, so I think he will be making an appearance at DDD, and then I will make him available to download.

I will obviously post my feedback when it comes in (Good or Bad)

Thanks again to Dave and everyone at NxtGenUG Birmingham for having me speak.

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