Sunday, 18 November 2007

First draft of DDD sessions finished.

Well, it has been a very long few weeks (especially the past few days).

However, my first version of both presentations I am doing are now ready, yay.

The rest of this week, is just tidyup work, finalising some slides (i only have around 5 per session), finalising the structure, and going through it.

However, it is time to relax.

I have to say, I am particularly pleased with the "Silverlight Twitter" session.


Ben Hall said...

5 Slides ? Take it your doing for a very demo focused sessions :)

chrishayuk said...

I don't like slides, and i figure if i don't like slides, why should i put other people through them.

Both sessions are focused on cutting code, and running demos.

I want people to come away from my sessions, feeling they can start writing Silverlight apps.