Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Microsoft has released a new sample website in Silverlight 1.0 called Tafiti

I recommend you look at the site, as it gives you a good clue on how Microsoft are doing certain things.

When I looked at the site, there was a nice little Textbox which perked up my interest?

When you look at the back end javascript, it is very clear they are using an Html Textbox with some pretty Xaml around it.

Its great that we can steal that techinique (even in Silverlight 1.1), however it does seem to indicate that we won't see any new sample controls for a while.

Well Done Microsoft, its a great sample site and we will be able to use a lot from it.

It would be better if you provided a 1.1 version as well, which would save us some porting, but definately good enough for me.

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