Friday, 17 August 2007

Cambridge User Group Launch (Evening of September 18th)

Oh yes!

I know have been a little quiet the past few days, and here is why:

We have just launched the Cambridge Region of NxtGenUG.

We have Mike Ormond doing a talk on Silverlight (full 60 minutes), and One of the Microsoft Researchy Guys (to be confirmed whom), doing a talk on F#, We also have Pizza, and We have Swag (free stuff).

It's going to be an amazing event, so please come along. You do need to register so we can plan for pizza and for the security guy at MS Research.

The group will be held at Microsoft Research in Cambridge (Thanks Guys).

After the launch event we will be holding one session every month, and we have some great sessions in the pipeline

Register Here (registration is free, come along and get free pizza):


MikeO said...

Last time I went to Cambridge was for a VBUG meeting and I got very, very lost. So don't put me on first will you... :-)

chrishayuk said...


Superb, I have to admit i am really looking forward to your Silverlight talk.