Sunday, 12 August 2007

Silverlight Mix UK Sample Site (First Version)

I've now posted up my Mix07 UK Silverlight Sample Site.

This is the first version of an Event Registration System written in Silverlight.

You can click here if wish to view the application online (please be patient for the videos to download, you will probably want to refresh the browser after the videos have downloaded, I haven't smoothed up this process with a downloader yet).

You can also download the source from here.

In future posts, I will explain why i have done things certain ways and what my thoughts were during development.

This sample will show some of the following things in action:

Loading of an Xml using XmlReader
Video Button Control (MediaElement, ButtonBase, VideoBrush)
Seperation of UI, Business and Data

In the future the sample will be extended to use the following

1) Expand to show Day 2's schedule
2) On Click of the Video Button, bring up Session Information, and show a Video Clip in a main media player
3) Speaker Information Page
4) Pulling the XML from a web service and storing in isolated storage
5) Use of a downloader for downloading the Videos
6) Use the base code to perform event selection
7) Funky Background Music

Hopefully you might find this sample useful, and I hope to expand this to show how to perform various tasks in Silverlight. This will become a bit of a working reference application for me.

This sample should show that in the world of Silverlight we can do great things, and produce much more interesting websites.

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