Thursday, 9 August 2007

Silverlight in the UK

It would be interesting to know who in the UK is messing around with Silverlight?

Are we all developing stuff for fun or is anyone doing commercial development just now?

Would also be interested in knowing what sort of stuff folks in the UK are developing?

Are there many of us?

Anybody going to Mix in London?


Fuzzyman said...

Hey - I just discovered your blog. :-)

I'll be at Mix UK, talking about dynamic languages with Silverlight.

I'm an IronPython developer and am only learning about Silverlight (not yet using it at work).

I've posted a few recent entries on experimenting with Silverlight on my blog.

Michael Foord

chrishayuk said...

Thanks Michael,

Very cool that you are doing a talk at Mix UK.

I haven't looked much at the DLR, but it looks kinda interesting.

Will try and say Hi at Mix!