Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Silverlight: Out of Browser Videos

So I've posted a couple of videos, on working with the new Silverlight 3 Out of Browser feature.

These videos are less than 10 minutes each, so hopefully should be quite short.

Part 1: Shows you how to make your Silverlight 3 applications "Out of Browser"

Silverlight 3 OOB 1

Part 2: Shows you how to track if you have a network connection, what happens if you are working offline, and how to track if your application is installed as "Out of Browser"

Silverlight Out Of Browser Part 2

I'm sure I will do more videos


Sam said...

Great Work, can I make a youtube video available offline using detached functiom

Sam said...

Great work, I wanted to know whether we could bring a youtube video on local cache?

chrishayuk said...

Yup, you sure can

Sam said...

Can you show me how?

i mean the manifest.xml
and the vb code?

Anonymous said...

when the user is working offline in internet explorer .. can the application still communicate to the web server??