Tuesday, 9 October 2007

NxtGenUG Cambridge October 23rd - XSLT 'Extreme'

This is a reminder about the October Cambridge NxtGenUG Meeting which will be held on 23rd October 2007 at St John's Innovation Centre.

"Watch out, Dave and Rich are in town, and Dave's got his XSLT hat on again, this time with knobs on! Yes its an evening with the NxtGenUG co-founders as Rich talks to his Vista in his award winning Nugget. Dave will be running through his XSLT 'Extreme' session which he will be giving at TechEd in November. Pizza and swag will abound as ever, don't miss it!

Due to building works at Microsoft, we are at our alternative venue at St Johns Innovation Center (thanks to our superb corporate partners www.red-gate.com for sorting this out). Don't worry we have also upped the Pizza order :)

Anybody is welcome to attend the meeting whether they are a NxtGenUG member or not. Just go to the NxtGenUG site at http://www.nxtgenug.net/ViewEvent.aspx?EventID=87 , register for FREE and book your place! We start sharp at 07.00pm and end at 09.00pm.

Main Session: Dave McMahon XSLT 'Extreme'
Is eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) the greatest language in the world as Dave claims? Well, no matter what you think, Dave think's so. In this session Dave takes a deep dive into some of the more obscure aspects of programming with XSLT in the .NET Framework. We'll look at a few of the not so common syntax, examine some of the advanced options available in .NET for working with XSLT. We'll look at differing forms of output including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSV, Word and XAML that XSLT can generate easily and also at how with a little magic, XSLT cam transform non-XML based data into other non-XML based data!

Nugget: Richard Costall Vista Speech - the Nugget
Richard Costall shows us the demo that went down a storm at DDD. Vista speech starring the Costall Stunt double. But just how good is Vista Speech? Find out in this 10 minute demo which will make you go - WOW!

To register for this event an for a map and directions visit http://www.nxtgenug.net/ViewEvent.aspx?EventID=87

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you in Cambridge on Tuesday 23rd October

Chris and Allister

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