Friday, 12 October 2007

Bug: Attaching to Debugger with development web server

I know i use a strange method of debugging but nonetheless it has always worked in Visual Studio 2005.

I start the development server via the command line and then attach to the debugger whilst working in

This has always worked in Visual Studio 2005, but doesn't seem to work in Visual Studio 2008. I thought it might be something I have done on my machine (hence why i haven't blogged about it before), however Allister ran into the same issue yesterday.

I am not ruling out the fact that it might be something wrong with the solution or project files (haven't tried this against different projects), however it is a little annoying.

This has meant that i have been back to using the play button (i could instead use IIS and attach that way, but i don't want too).

Hopefully this will be fixed for the RTM.

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