Friday, 5 October 2007

DDD Sessions

I've just submitted my third session for DDD.

The first 2 sessions of Silverlight are all about the grand tour of Silverlight, and getting to grips with Silverlight.

The third session, I guess is the next level. Its really for those people who have seen Silverlight Sessions before and want to go that little bit deeper and start building applications.

On the first 2 sessions, I want to be clear although they are about learning Silverlight, I will not rehash sessions you have seen before, I will try and bring an original spin, fresh samples, fresh demo's. So hopefully if you have seen Introduction to Silverlight Sessions before, you will get something new from this. If I don't manage to achieve this, then I am truly sorry.

One of the frustrating things about DDD is that we won't find out for 2 weeks which session (if any has been successful). Which then leaves 4 weeks to prepare, where if I start preparing now, I have 6 weeks. However that preparation might be wasted if not voted in.

Therefore I am going to take the opinion, that I have a session on Silverlight in Southampton in January, so if I start the preparations for that, it should fit together with everything else.

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