Saturday, 20 October 2007

F# to become a part of Visual Studio

This is a superb announcement that F# is to become productionized and be given the same status as C#, VB etc.

Congratulations to both Don and James on this achievement.

Anyone who attends NxtGenUG Cambridge (which I help run), will have probably guessed that this announcement was coming. We had a great session from Don on F# on our launch event of the new user group. Don gave some very big hints that something was going to happen (and most of us had already guessed this might be it).

So a big congrats from everyone at NxtGenUG, and I hope that we can have you back across doing another session (this time much longer) on F#.

F# really is a very cool language (and Don has a great book on it). I hope at some point to clear some time and write some F#

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