Wednesday, 8 July 2009


This time it's in Wales and is lasting 3 days, with the third being a community day.  Wow it looks a cracker.

Its on Thursday 19th November to Saturday 21st (unfortunately PDC week but I will try and be back for it).

For more details visit SQLBits

I've taken the liberty of translating the official sqlbits v announcement translated from Welsh to English using an online translator below.

"We are being we ' heartburn pleased I announce be SQLBits crookedly go West , the rhandaliad he conferences SQLBits. We are being doing the happening he drives even morely and crookedly better na’a time last , in over 3 day with much more contain , except continuing I keep everything who is has worked as well crookedly the happenings previous. nferred the ddygwiddiad running he Thursday 19fed I Saturday 21ain November to the Celtic d to divine striped in Nghasnewydd , right Wales , nearly I ' group traffordd M4..) happening most yet , with contain gwethaf SQL Server. He will be en begin with day instruction before the happening , with details coming soon. We are being we has listened i’ch.) about happening evening time , ey tasted time self y had scorned we has planned day happening with tall signs Friday the 20few with theme SQL 2008 and R2. He will be Saturday 21fed crookedly day society usual , with speakers around the world speaking about text SQL Server"

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