Monday, 20 July 2009

Silverlight: iPhone Apps

So this was a tweet I picked up from @scottGu who picked it up from @techarch (by the way my twitter address is @chrishayuk)

So the Mono folks are working on a version of Mono that can compile to the iPhone which will eventually mean you will be able to run Silverlight Applications.

For more details see the MonoTouch Roadmap

This is absolute awesome as someone who has done a lot of Silverlight development and some iPhone development this is great news.

If you have ever tried to develop on the iPhone it’s like stepping back 10 years.  The prospect of being able to write C# / Silverlight code is just cool.

Once my book is complete this is one of the first set of technologies that I will be messing around, way cool.


John said...

Hello, this is offtopic regarding your Spectrum emulator for Silverlight 3 . Can you please update your link, so it works in Silverlight 3 RTW and publish source code ? Thanks in advance.

Eric said...

You do realize there is an appliation that already uses Mono 1.1 on the iPhone and allows you to develop in c#..... It is Unity3d! There are over 400 applications in the App Store that are using this technology (including mine :) )

Jacob said...

I can't wait for this to come out. I would love to run Silverlight on my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I know this is going to be pretty popular as soon as it gets mainstream. I head about this on cnet as well, looking forward. Good to have a second source confirm.