Saturday, 4 July 2009

Azure Pricing

So we will soon know the pricing model of Windows Azure (yay), we will probably find this out on the 13th of July but we will certainly know this by 4.30pm on Tuesday the 14th of July.

If we don’t have the information on this date then the folks attending session “SS006 – The Azure Service Platform Partner Model and Pricing” could be in for a surprise.  The Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference site has more details of this.  This session also seems to indicate that we may get pricing not just on Windows Azure but on SQL Data Services and .NET Services.

There are some other clues that we might be able to guess from the proposed session list.  One of the sessions (SS003) refers to Windows Azure, Business Edition.  This may mean that Microsoft may be offering different levels of service (and pricing) depending on your needs.  This could be good news for developers, maybe we will see a developer edition at some point :)

I can’t wait for this information as it will allow me to complete the section on pricing / SLA’s in the new book I am writing with Brian Prince for Manning titled “Azure in Action”.


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