Thursday, 16 April 2009

Silverlight: Toronto Code Camp Session

I guess I’m getting a little excited about going to Toronto Code Camp next week.

At the same time, things are hectic, lots of preparation to do :)

I am presenting a session on Silverlight 3 Communication. Funnily enough although the title suggests that I will be focusing on the new Silverlight 3 WCF Features (which I will be), this is not the complete story.

In order to truly understand the improvements made to networking in Silverlight 3, you need to understand the networking stack as it relates to Silverlight, the design decisions made and the effects these decisions have on the Silverlight 2 networking story, and how some of these things have been resolved in Silverlight 3.

Finally having this understanding allows you to build better applications, allows you to design the right system, and to understand why you hit certain walls and how to get around them.

Since this stack is at the heart of all Silverlight networking, this means that if you are using technology such as .NET RIA Services, or ADO.NET Data Services for Silverlight, these core fundamentals ring true.

So as much as I cover the new features of SL3, more of the focus will be on the underlying networking stack and allowing you to understand the fundamentals. So this will help you both in Silverlight 2, Silverlight 3, and Silverlight of the Future.

Anyways, I’ve had a lot of fun building this presentation, and I hope you will enjoy the session at code camp.

I also plan to bring this session to the UK in June for NxtGenUG Fest09 :)

Hope to see you there

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