Thursday, 2 April 2009

Demo Gremlins

So everytime I build a new presentation, I try and find an unsuspecting audience to try it out on before I present it for real.

I have a brand new presentation on Silverlight 3 in Belfast, and today I did my dummy run in Cambridge for a company that I work with.  They are a very forgiving audience :)

So I got really great feedback and it went really well (even though I was still changing things last night).  However the demo gods did strike on more than one occasion.  As I said they are very forgiving.

Again this proved how useful this strategy is, and on Saturday I will put the appropriate steps in place to stop the demo gremlins.

Just in case you are wondering Visual Studio 2008 and the Web Development Server kept locking up.  In the end I went for an open browser, building and refreshing (rather than clicking the play button).  This seemed to please the demo gods more.

I also discovered that doing a demo on network addresses changing (when you are not connected to a network), is not a clever thing to do.

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