Sunday, 19 April 2009

Silverlight: Multiple Http Requests Screencast

It's important to remember that Silverlight is a browser technology and is therefore subject to the limits imposed by the browser.

This is especially true in the networking stack and Silverlight is limited to the number of connections it can make just as the browser is.

I show you this is the case in my latest screencast, Multiple Http Requests in Silverlight

The video is embedded below for you to view also:


Anonymous said...

It is possible that you can link to that cool page that you brought up that had all the stuff you talked about in a menu format. I am also interested in seeing the socket code that you have. Thanks.

chrishayuk said...

So that "Cool Page" is the demo code that I have built for my Silverlight 3 Communication session, at Toronto Code Camp, and also for NxtGenUG Fest09 in the UK.

It will probably be the basis for my next set of screencasts. After code camp this weekend, I will make the slides and sample code available on my blog.